Protect your dealership with VBiz


What is VBiz?

 VBiz provides auto dealerships a blanket of protection against business fraud and data breach occurrences that saves enormous fraud losses and damaging PR.  VBiz also resolves federal and state requirements mandated for the risk mitigation of these occurrences.

What makes VBiz different?

VBiz is a unique, multi-level security against data breach, business fraud, and identity theft that covers your business, your employees, and your customers in the event of one of these crimes striking your dealership.  It provides for detection, prevention, and mitigation as prescribed by law.

Why is VBiz important in today's market?

Unfortunately, identity theft and small business data breach events are rising at a significant rate in the US.  Recent industry statistics show that this trend will only increase as technology breed’s new forms of attack on businesses and individuals to via the Internet, smart phones, and social media tactics.  Protecting your business, employees, and customers could never be more important than NOW, and the government is implementing laws that make it mandatory to do so.  VBiz is a very simple and extremely economical program to cover your business completely with the ultimate safety it deserves.

Complete Plan Customization

VBiz can be developed to fit your exact business requirements for its proper protection and risk mitigation needs.  It is scalable to serve dealership’s who want complete multi-level security or those who may not require the same risk coverage.

Our program can be built to suit your customized scenario and gives you the flexibility to modify the features of the services as your require it.

Program Features

  • Gives the small business owner a team of professionals on alert to resolve business fraud and manage breach incidents
  • Monitors internet black market for evidence of compromise of company’s credentials.
  • Provides best-in-class identity theft employee benefit for up to 100 employees.
  • Covers breach incidents with full response plan and identity benefits for up to 100,000 affected persons.


VBiz’s demonstrated approach transforms the knowledge and tools of customer loyalty and media management into programs tailored for your organization.