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Identity Theft
Cyber Solutions

Vero offers a full suite of identity theft cyber solutions to protect businesses, employees, consumers, and their families. Our unique solutions provide unparalleled value, peace-of-mind protection, and excellent recurring revenue opportunities.

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Vero’s 3-generation Fully Managed Recovery (FMR) provides remediation and recovery for all forms of identity theft or fraud – regardless of how or when they occurred. Each identity theft case is assigned a dedicated, certified recovery advocate who works on the victim’s behalf to perform all the tasks necessary to restore their identity entirely. Along with its several benefits, our FMR supports a holistic view of unique strategies, including low-cost affinity marketing, corporate social responsibilities, security and governance, and reoccurring revenue. 



Automotive Industry     Financial Services     Associations

Vero's Identity Theft Services provide robust and valuable features that protect identity before it is compromised. Solutions such as Dark Web Monitoring, Address Change Monitoring, Criminal Monitoring, Social Security Monitoring, Single and Three Bureau Credit Monitoring, and Score Tracker will give consumers timely alerts and notifications when any part of their identity is compromised. 

Data Breach Solutions
ID Theft Monitoring
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Automotive Industry     Financial Services     Associations

Vero provides best-in-class and cost-effective data breach preparedness and response services. We provide numerous tools to mitigate risk BEFORE a breach happens, along with several essential tools so businesses can quickly and appropriately respond AFTER a breach occurs. Features include identifying and addressing cyber risk, domain monitoring email and SMS alerts, LMS / Phishing Tool, Mobile VPN, Firewall / Virus Protection, Patch Management, a dedicated response team, and much more.

"Words cannot express the confidence I have in my Identity Theft Recovery Advocate. They were very skillful and kept us going forward while during the entire time keeping my stress level extremely low.  So very grateful for this service."

- Teresa J

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